With the recent member reveal of Sengoku Jidai (The age of civil wars), the band takes it to the next step by releasing a music video preview for Doukeshi, extracted from the long-awaited first album, Uijin – First Battle –! Out on November 1.

Within less than a year of activity, the band has previously released two music videos on YouTube, one self-titled song, and SAKURA. Both of these music videos were in illustrative form, as back then, the band had yet to reveal their faces, nor the true nature of the band members. So for the first time, this music video will showcase how stunning the band members look in front of the camera; exaggerated moves, and energetic kicks, you name it!

The song Doukeshi, unlike most of their other songs, has less of the traditional Japanese tune—although it still lingers in the background if you’re attentive enough—but yet able to retain the “Sengoku” and heroic sound, which we all love and have come accustom to.

Even though Sengoku Jidai is a fairly new band, all of the members have an impressive background. You might have heard of SIAM SHADE, VAMPS, Acid Black Cherry, and JURASSIC? Of course you have! To read up on their background, have a look at our previous coverage where we cover this topic!

JROCK NEWS was also the very first to get an exclusive interview with the band earlier this summer, you can check it out here!

Uijin – First Battle –


  1. Senyuu
  2. Doukeshi
  3. Tawagoto
  4. Yume no hate
  5. freewheeling~Jiyuu kattatsu~
  6. Dancing Samurai Soul
  7. Whether true or false
  8. Monster
  9. Aizen Myouou


  • Doukeshi
  • More to be announced

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