As we have reported rather recently, DADAROMA will be releasing their new single “Ii kusuri to, warui kusuri” on November 1. The single’s title translates to Good medicine and bad medicine, and features two distinctly contrasting looks and music videos.

We have already shown you the looks and the audio samples. But have you seen the recently released spectacle that is the music videos?

Defying expectations, the music video paired up with the single’s Good Medicine part is the dark and downright nightmarish one. The heavy song is accompanied by animated visuals reminiscent of the well-known animated video for DIR EN GREY’s Agitated Screams of Maggots. The dark and surreal nature of it makes one wonder whether the good medicine mentioned isn’t some very potent drugs?

“Warui kusuri” counters all of the aspects of “Ii kusuri”; the song is light and balladic in nature, the visuals are gentle and easy on the eye.

As we know, an apple a day keeps the doctor away; in this music video, Yoshiatsu dons an elegant, apple-printed, doctor-repellent suit. What have doctors done to Yoshiatsu, we wonder? He wears a version of the same suit in the “Ii kusuri” music video as well, however, the print there is subdued and much harder to notice in its shades of grey and black.

Yoshiatsu also actually plays the song’s second guitar, which may come as a surprise to some fans who may have been unaware of his ability to play this particular instrument.

Which song and music video do you like better? Let us know, and make sure to order the single at one of the links down below, if it appeals to your taste!

“Ii Kusuri to, Warui Kusuri”

Edition A


  1. “Ii Kusuri” (「いいくすり」)
  2. “Warui Kusuri” (「わるいくすり」)
  3. Alice In Underground (アリス・イン・アンダーグラウンド)


  1. “Ii Kusuri” (「いいくすり」) Music Video

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Edition B


  1. “Warui Kusuri” (「わるいくすり」)
  2. “Ii Kusuri” (「いいくすり」)
  3. 2017.7.21 no Nikki (2017 年 7 月 21 日の日記 )


  1. “Warui Kusuri” (「わるいくすり」) Music Video

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