We are saddened to report that Jupiter published a sudden announcement on their official site and official Facebook page today, stating that vocalist ZIN will depart from the band following their Ascension to Heaven lives in January and February 2018.

Although Jupiter seems to be shedding their original line-up piece by piece, having lost Masashi and Yuki in early 2016, let’s hope the band will recover from the loss of ZIN and continue going strong!

We translated the official announcement and ZIN’s message regarding this sad event which you can read down below.

Vocalist ZIN from Jupiter

An important announcement from Jupiter

Thank you very much for always supporting Jupiter.

It comes as a sudden announcement, but following the lives in January–February 2018 listed below, vocalist ZIN will depart from Jupiter. We ask you to please respect ZIN’s personal reasons and understand the decision that we have come to at this time.

We hope that all of you will continue supporting ZIN and Jupiter from here on as well.

Jupiter “Ascension to Heaven”
Jan 20 2018 (Sat) Yokohama BAYSIS | open 17:30 start 18:00
Jan 26 2018 (Fri) Umeda Zeela | open 18:30 start 19:00
Jan 27 2018 (Sat) Nogoya HeartLand | open 17:30 start 18:00
Feb 3 2018 (Sat) Meguro Rockmaykan open | 15:00 start 15:30
Feb 3 2018 (Sat) Meguro Rockmaykan | open 18:30 start 19:00

Vocalist ZIN:
To everyone who has supported Jupiter.

As this decision has been reached while I still have unfinished things to do with my dearest friends, I am truly, deeply sorry.

“I want to finally reach the ideal image of a vocalist that I’ve been pursuing through words and melodies that probe deep into me”.

That’s my goal, and I’ve realized that the answer is wanting to challenge myself no matter what.

I will pour all my gratitude to everyone who has supported Jupiter until now into my singing, so please burn the remaining lives into your heart. Please regard me kindly till the very end.

Jupiter Presents “The Wishing Ceremony” Vol.4
Regarding the planned free of charge distribution of the new Jupiter CDs limited exclusively to attendees of the live at Shinjuku BLAZE on October 9 (Monday; public holiday).

Although we have originally planned for the tracklist of Jupiter’s third album, vocalist ZIN’s departure has caused the production period to be postponed. We deeply apologize for this.

In addition, to those affected by this who wish to receive a refund of their tickets, we will provide a refund.

Regarding the details, we will post an announcement on Jupiter’s official site in the upcoming days.

At the time of writing this article, the members of Jupiter have not yet further commented on ZIN’s departure on their social media.

Fans who want to continue to follow ZIN’s activities, make sure to follow his other band (strangely named) “U•S•A” on Twitter, where he goes by the name Zakk, rather than ZIN.

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