On the eve of their performance in front of the mass of Otakon 2017 attendees, Yousei Teikoku (YT) was able to take time out of their schedule to sit down with JROCK NEWS for a short interview. Yousei Teikoku put on an amazing performance that night and you can read more about it in our review. You can believe that their intensity on stage matches their attitudes in person as well.

Hello, Yousei Teikoku. Thank you for taking this time to talk with us. Could we please start by introducing yourselves to our readers who may not know you?
Yui: It will get quite lengthy is that alright?
Of course.
Yui: Yousei Teikoku is not just the name of a band. It is the name of our empire. The empire of fairies. That very same empire is on the verge of falling as humans have begun to lose their faith in fairies. Thus, I have gathered my unit to restore the faith in fairies.

We have come to understand that within Yousei Teikoku you all have a rank. Would you mind explaining the reason for this?
Yui: Hm… it is because we are the third military band of the empire.

Would you mind going into detail as to whom is assigned what rank?
Shiren: I am Shiren, guitarist, and I am Sergeant Major.
Tachibana: I am Tachibana, I play guitar and my rank is Captain.
Gight: I am the drummer, Gight. My rank is Sergeant.
Nanami: I am the bassist, Nanami and I am the Warrant Officer.
Yui: I am the lifelong Grand Dictator

When most people think of fairies they tend to think of bright colors and magical kingdoms when, in fact, a great deal of mythology shows them in a different light. What was your inspiration to focus on these darker tones rather than the more widely received lighter ones?
Yui: Well, because it’s cooler that way, is it not?
YT: [Laughter]

What exactly is your creative process for making a new song for the band?
Yui: Hm…
Tachibana: To begin, I envision what I want to make and what I need to make. Then we all discuss what kind of sound we need to create. We each lend our talents to create something befitting that concept.

The second track of the single “flamma idola”, Veludo Papilio, which Tachibana composed, had a significantly more harsh and heavy sound to it, especially with Yui’s vocals. Are there further plans to experiment with a heavier sound in the future?
Tachibana: The base of what we do is trying new things. With that in mind, we have not explored this range of Dictator Yui’s voice so much and we would like to let our subjects know the greatness of it. Therefore, we have decided to incorporate it to bring about a new sense of horror and romanticism. While recording this time, we had a significant sense of progress with Dictator Yui’s heavier vocals.

This year marks your 20th anniversary. How were you able to keep such strong bonds as a band. Especially Yui and Tachibana, who are two of the original members.
Yui: The secret is to play the “Werewolf game” together. Although that often will end in a fight.
Tachibana: Fishing, it’s relaxing. Even if there was something that we disagreed upon earlier, it is all forgotten. Although I will tell you there’s nothing like it.

In your 20 years, you have been a part of many conventions. Are there plans for a full-scale invasion of the West by Yousei Teikoku?
Yui: Our goal is an invasion of a global scale not only the United States.

With that in mind, how exactly do you plan to do so?
Yui: Well, we will start with conventions such as this. With enough momentum, we will go big on touring. However, at the current time, there are some difficulties.

From what we have seen, your audience in Japan consists mainly of male fans. Do you feel that has been the case overseas as well?
Yui: What do you guys think?
Tachibana: Gradually the ratio in Japan is becoming equal. I believe that it is slowly evening out in our subjects overseas as well.
Yui: Yes, however, I feel like there are still more guys?
Tachibana: But you can really hear the loud cheering from the female fans nowadays.
Yui: It’s not like you’re able to specifically distinguish girls’ cheering, right?
Tachibana:  [Big laughter]
Gight: The people that were queueing up today…
Yui: There were more guys.
Gight: Ah, is that so?

Yui on stage at Otakon, Anisong World Matsuri 2017.

Considering that you are in this nation’s capital, do you have any plans to visit anywhere in particular? Given that it will soon be under your control?
Yui: Ah, the White house, I’d like to deliver a fair greeting there. Then what other places would we want to visit…
Tachibana: How about CIA’s headquarter?
Yui: …FBI!
Tachibana: FBI?! [laughter]
Yui: While we’re at it, we would also like to go to the Smithsonian.
Tachibana: And get some beef!
Yui: Sugoi.
YT: [Light laughter]

Well, it appears that that is all the time we have and we thank you for your time and your answers. We hope you enjoy your time at Otakon 2017.
YT: Thank you very much.

It was a pleasure finally meeting Yousei Teikoku and being able to talk to them, we cross our fingers on their world domination plans to soon become reality! We would also like to thank Otakon and Anisong World Matsuri for letting us take part in this awesome event and hope to attend next year as well!

flamma idola

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  3. Naikan uchuu shisha no yurika go
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  5. Biroudo papirio (Instrumental)
  6. Naikan uchuu shisha no yurika go (Instrumental)

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