Fans in Japan usually pay a visit to a konbini to buy food and drinks to consume during the hours before a show, but at the GazettE’s LIVE IN SUMMER 17 “BURST INTO A BLAZE 3”, things were a little different. The band decided to go the extra mile, not only to please the fans with a great show, but they also wanted to please our, well… Tummies.

On August 19, we posted some photos on our Facebook and Twitter of my experience at the GazettE’s third “BURST INTO A BLAZE” (BIAB) festival, the band’s first one-man outdoors live since 2008. However, we saved the best for last! Check out what other treats they had to offer and my thoughts on it!

Watching the GazettE’s live clip and exploring their astounding exhibition EXUVIA.

After taking photos, losing at the lottery, watching the 15th anniversary live clip (about 5 songs) on screen, visiting the archive gallery EXUVIA to have a look at the GazettE’s worn costumes, and making use of the smoking and bathroom area, it was time to eat!

The first thing I was met with in the food area was a bright neon pink food stall and all these fans covered in the GazettE merchandise, lining up to order the food produced by the members of the GazettE.

the GazettE produced food

I had to line up for the food for about an hour, and after I received my order, the line behind got even longer than before…

the GazettE produced food

Ruki’s “RED YUMMY RICE”, Uruha’s “Summer Mojito” and “Rising Sun” cocktails, Aoi’s “ISE UDON”, Reita’s “We Rock POTATO”, Kai’s “WAFFLE”, and the GazettE’s collective dish of sausages.

Honestly, it wasn’t too hard for me to decide what I wanted to try. Reita’s We Rock POTATO immediately grabbed my attention. I mean, those would be the coolest potatoes I could ever get. I wanted Ruki’s dish as well because I thought it was kinda cute how he called it “yummy”. It also looked like the most filling dish. Even though you can’t really tell from the photos, it was pretty hot that day so I needed the Rising Sun cocktail that Uruha had produced too.

the GazettE produced food

These sauces scared me a bit, being called ORIGINAL DEATH, MUERTEAFTER DEATH and the spiciest one SUDDEN DEATH. I was already sweating because of the humidity, and I also saw several cool people almost dying from trying them. So I instinctively stayed away from these hot treats. I wouldn’t want to waste my cocktail to extinguish the fire in my mouth.

the GazettE produced food

First: Reita’s We Rock POTATO. Definitely ?! Crunchy bite, spicy cocktail sauce. I loved the small cubes which tasted a bit cheesy. Your food of choice totally rocks, Reita!

the GazettE produced food

Next: Look at this beautiful bowl of RED YUMMY RICE produced by Ruki. Even though the dish didn’t share the same presentation to the picture on the menu at all, it still tasted great! Salsa with beans and ground meat on top of some avocado and cabbage, on top of rice. Oh yeah, and three nacho chips as well. Rich flavor and filling. Definitely yummy, Ruki!

the GazettE produced food

Finally: produced by the member who is known as the drinker among the GazettE members, Uruha’s specialty Rising Sun. Bright yellow and icy cold. Rising Sun usually consists of vodka and grapefruit juice as far as I know, while this one tasted a bit more towards orange. Nevertheless, a refreshing cocktail where the alcohol was clearly present. Good job, sir.

the GazettE produced food

They even had pink the GazettE napkins with the food truck print on it.

For the rest of the food served at the food truck, Aoi’s udon, Kai’s waffles, and the members’ sausage dish, they didn’t look bad either upon checking out some other fans ordering it. If the food still had been available after the concert, I might have actually tried those as well!

The gazette biab3

Setlist for the concert that took place during the evening

The gig ended with some great news that the band revealed through the two big monitors on the sides, the GazettE’s upcoming album that will drop in Spring of 2018 and their second round of Halloween shows. Besides leaving two grand news for all the fans, I was also left with great memories from the amazing live performance and stunning fireworks!

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