The arrival of their new single, puzzle, out on September 6 has Arlequin release the full music video for it! The visuals are very much the same ideas explored beforehand in the preview, but now longer! Its also one of their more creative music videos as it frames and captures the members at any one time in cool and interesting ways, similar to the music video for Kyokaisen, but taken up a notch. I guess it’s fair to say that it lives up to its name, puzzle.

A lot of their songs are fast-paced but what stands out most in this one is the twins solos by guitarists Kuruto and Nao that add a classical touch to the musical landscape. Check out some screenshots illustrating how the music video focuses on many things at once!

The music video not only able to capture the members but also their instruments

There are a few of these shots that make the band look cool and stylish!

The use of multiple frames on one screen is both interesting and effective, especially with the lighting

Another example of how the frames are used in an entertaining manner


Regular edition


  1. puzzle
  2. BURN
  3. Higame (僻目)

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Limited edition


  1. puzzle
  2. BURN


  1. puzzle music video

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