A sudden announcement from NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST revealed that the band has released a digital-only song titled Live to Die on August 18, which you can purchase now via iTunes! Vocalist Hiro also posted the lyrics for the new song on his Twitter, which you can see below.

So far, this year, the band have only released THE BEST ’09-’17, which compiles both old and recent along with four new tracks, one of them being BREAK THIS FATE, which was turned into a music video.

Live to Die

Digital only


  1. Live to Die

Buy at iTunes

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Hiro) (尋)
Twitter (Cazqui)
Twitter (Daichi)
Twitter (Masa)
Twitter (Natsu)
Instagram (Hiro) (尋)
Instagram (Cazqui)
Instagram (Daichi)
Instagram (Masa)
Instagram (Natsu)
Blog (Hiro) (尋)
Blog (Cazqui)
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Blog (Masa)
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