Last time we spoke about MORRIGAN we ended our headline with a big question mark, “MORRIGAN to tour Europe?“. A lot of you left your comments and we know you’re eager to finally hear the good news!

After all this wait, MORRIGAN’s Europe tour is finally confirmed, thanks to the organizers Kinetic Vibe who announced it through their social media earlier today.

Kinetic Vibe is a London-based event agency who mainly focuses on Korean music, so it’s really refreshing to see them so open minded and embrace even Japanese rock music! This will be their first time to take on a Japanese rock band. Our friends at V STAR PROMOTION also played a big role in making this tour possible as they’re are actively working as the band’s manager.

While we do not know the exact dates yet, we do know it will take place in November. The band is eager to know where you want them to play, so scream your voice out loud in comments below, and let the guys know you’re waiting for them!

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