Greetings fans of J-rock, and welcome to August! We’re here with yet another compilation of upcoming releases for the month. We hope you find some cool, new tunes to keep you busy until next month. See you then!

Date Artist Release Title Release Type Comment Details
02 Acme (アクメ) SENKOU Mini-album First release from new band Acme, featuring former DIV members, vocalist CHISA and guitarist SHOGO. Info
02 DAMY Kansho Teki Koyakusu (感傷的公約数 ) Mini-album CDJapan
02 Batsugame ( 罰×ゲヰム) “Zankoku to Soshitsu no Idea” (『惨酷と喪失のイデア』) Single CDJapan
02 the Raid. Urameshia (ウラメシヤ) Single Comes in six editions. Info
02 Lill Bon appetit!! Single Lill’s second single; comes in two editions. CDJapan
02 Minus Jin-Say Orchestra (マイナス人生オーケストラ) Ma – Machine – Shin (真-Machine-心) Single CDJapan
02 RAZOR LIQUID VAIN Single RAZOR’s second single; comes in two editions. Info
02 Vexent VICTIM Album Vexent’s first album. CDJapan
02 Schwarzkain (シュヴァルツカイン) Hakuhyo no Hana (薄氷の華 ) Mini-album CDJapan
02 SID (シド) Rasen no Yume (螺旋のユメ) Single The single is featured  as an intro theme for the TV anime series Altair: A Record of Battles; comes in three editions. CDJapan
02 Various artist (V.A.) Rare Track Collectionz Album Memorial compilation for the 20th anniversary since the foundation of Matina label, which KISAKI was a representative previously. CDJapan
02 A9 Re:Born Single Comes in three editions. Info
02 OROCHI (龍) Hajya Koken (破邪光剣) Mini-album CDJapan
02 ジャックケイパー Kani Kani Carnival (カニカニカーニバル [ズワイガニ盤]) Single Comes in three editions. CDJapan
09 MUCC Shin Tsuzetsu (新痛絶) Album MUCC commemorate their 20th anniversary with a re-recorded and remastered version of their previous work, Shin Tsuzetsu. CDJapan
09 MUCC Shin Homura Uta (新葬ラ謳) Album MUCC commemorate their 20th anniversary with a re-recorded and remastered version of their previous work, Shin Homura Uta. CDJapan
09 VAN9ISH S Single VAN9ISH’s third single. CDJapan
09 Re:move “Danzai, Rock’n Roll.” (『断罪、ロックンロール。』) Single CDJapan
09 gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy In incontinence Album gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy’s second album. CDJapan
09 BugLug Shin Jinsei (新人生) Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
09 Soan Project with Temari Senritsu, Shizuka na Negai to (旋律、静かな願いと) Mini-album CDJapan
09 Marchen (メルヘン) Marchen LAST LIVE DVD- Chimidoro Party Night – DVD Marchen’s last live DVD. CDJapan
11 MuryokuP (無力P) Revelation EP Features vocalist kakichoco and will be available for purchase on Comiket 92. Info
11 Utsu-P (鬱P) GALAPAGOS Album Utsu-P’s fifth Vocaloid album. Info
15 0.1g no Gosan (0.1gの誤算) “Otoko Tokon Senso Manji Moeyo Gosan Kosappo Manji” (男闘魂戦争 卍燃えよ誤算光殺砲卍』) Single Comes in three editions. CDJapan
16 Azero Creative Album Azero’s third album. CDJapan
16 S.Q.F Paradigm Shift Single CDJapan
16 Anfiel Hotaru no hitomi (螢の瞳) Single Anfiel’s seventh single; comes in two editions. Info
16 ZON Mr.Gong Single ZON’s fifth single. Info
16 L.O.V.E Werthers Mini-album L.O.V.E’s first mini album; comes in two editions. CDJapan
16 Maruko (マルコ) Seizon no Shirushi (セイゾンノシルシ) Mini-album Six-track mini-album includes singles sold at live venues exclusively. CDJapan
18 Initial’L FIREFLY Mini-album CDJapan
18 Esprit D’Air Ignition Single Info
23 chariots Revenir Mini-album chariots’ second mini-album. CDJapan
23 Kiryu (己龍) Kiryu Tandoku Jungyo Senshuraku “Gekka Suiko” – 2017 Nen 1 Gatsu 15 Nichi NHK Hall – DVD Features the final day of Kiryu’s nationwide concert tour in 2017 held at NHK hall. CDJapan
23 Purple Stone Aka to Ao (赤と青) Album Purple Stone’s first album. CDJapan
23 Sonic Death Monkey (ソニックデスモンキー) Nikoni Complex (ニコニコンプレックス) Single Comes in two editions. Info
23 DIMLIM VARIOUS Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
23 SHIN Good Morning Dreamer Album SHIN’s first album; comes in two editions. CDJapan
23 vistlip July VIIth [Re:birth] -10th Anniversary Edition- DVD vistlip brings a commemorative DVD for the tenth anniversary since they formed. CDJapan
23 kaine. Shunjun (逡巡) Mini-album kaine.’s first mini-album. CDJapan
23 FIXER FIXER (second press) Album FIXER brings the second pressing of their first album. Includes the bonus track Hakujitsu. CDJapan
23 JUSTY NASTY Reprises Album CDJapan
23 wyse Breathe Album CDJapan
23 INORAN INTENSE/MELLOW Album INORAN’s greatest hits album of self-cover tracks. Consists of two discs, each including tracks based on a concept of INTENSE and MELLOW. CDJapan
23 Bordeaux When the going gets tough the tough get going Album CDJapan
30 Royz Royz Winter Oneman Tour “Hello, Antithesis” – 2017.01.07 Zepp DiverCity – DVD Features the final of Royz WINTER ONEMAN TOUR “HELLO,ANTITHESIS” held on January 7, 2017n at Zepp DiverCity. CDJapan
30 Bankitai (万鬼隊) Shutsujin (出陣) Single CDJapan
30 K (ex.BORN) STORY Single CDJapan
30 DUALUZ Ego Single CDJapan
30 HIRO HIRO 1st Solo Live “Gale” – the Beginning – 2017.4.29 SHINJUKU ReNY DVD/BD Features the solo concert by HIRO (La’cryma Christi) held on April 29, 2017. Support members are SHUSE and LEVIN. CDJapan
30 CCC.Amaryllis Sakurairo Single CDJapan
30 Gilles de Rais Riyunaki Hanko Tour 1992 meguro Rokumeikan 2 Days DVD CDJapan
30 CANTA Kurakura (くらくら) Album CANTA’s sixth album. CDJapan
30 NOXX NOXX Mini-album Debut mini-album by NOXX; features known composer such as YOSHIHIRO (GUILD) and YOHIO. CDJapan

Feel free to leave corrections and missing releases in the comment section, and we’ll update the schedule as soon as possible. Shop at CDJapanJapan Discoveries or JPU

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