For those of you searching for new bands to listen to, you’re in luck! JROCK NEWS once again introduces a fairly new band called LANTANA, who are to drop their first single, -LIBERATE- on September 7.

Formed in 2015, LANTANA is made up of vocalist Tomo, guitarist Toshiki, bassist Shinba, and drummer Keita. Although the band’s official website states they have been active for nearly two years, music snippets were uploaded onto their YouTube channel only a few months ago.

On July 18, the band uploaded a trailer for -LIBERATE-. The single consists of the title track along with one additional song called Possessive color. Have a listen and let us know your first impressions of LANTANA below! Are you planning on buying the single, or simply following them for now?

LANTANA 1st Single -LIBERATE- 試聴動画

LANTANA also have their first full music video available to watch as well.


Vocalist Tomo (朋)

Guitarist Toshiki (稔樹)

Bassist Shinba (榛葉)

Drummer Keita (啓太)



Regular edition


  2. Possessive color

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon


More info:
Official Website

Twitter (Staff)
Twitter (Tomo (朋))
Twitter (Toshiki (稔樹))
Twitter (Shinba (榛葉))
Twitter (Keita (啓太))

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