The comedy air band, Golden Bomber, took the stage at Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City mall on June 29 for a free concert scheduled from 19:00:00 to 19:00:08 JST.  

After the three minute countdown, the four members ran on stage to perform their new eight second long single, Deatte 8-byou (出逢って8秒), then promptly ran off the stage as soon as the song ended.

The crowd excitedly demanded an encore and the lead singer, Sho Kiryuin, seemed happy to oblige as the band returned to the stage.

He thanked everyone for coming to watch the performance and the band played the full version of their hit song, Memeshikute, for an encore much longer than the main performance!

This performance was following the release of the new Golden Bomber Best Album LINE app stamps consisting of 22 stickers that play 8 seconds of audio from their most popular songs, including Deatte 8-byou.

Check out the video for yourself above and experience those glorious eight seconds as if you were there yourself, and if you’re interested in singing along, here are the lyrics to Deatte 8-byou:

Aitsu wa pureiboui

Deatte LINE kiku made 8-byou

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