Quite a while ago, we announced a THE BLACK SWAN release that was in the works, but was completely bare of details. Today, we finally have a name and release date! But first, we need to address a change in the release date. Previously, the band had announced that the new single would release in August, but it has now been pushed back until October 25. The title of the release will be Mushi Koe (蟲聲), or “Insect Voice” in English.

Concerning the title, this use of kanji is very irregular, and it gave our translators a hard time before we could figure out the romanized word of it. We were torn between “Mushi” or “Chuusei” before landing on its final name.

The image that finally gave us the answer to our problem.

Unfortunately, even after our dire efforts, we found out that the tracklist still remains a mystery, although if the rest of the songs are also written in kanji, then perhaps them not releasing it yet was a blessing in disguise. Anyhow, we are all still excited to see what new head-banging tunes the band will offer us when this single drops.

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