Shellmy (シェルミィ) uploaded the music video for their new song Kanashii Hi wa Itsumo Ame (哀しい日はいつも雨) on May 29, and the title meaning “it’s always raining on sad days” is clearly visible in this rainy video and Hyo(豹)’s expressionless face, which suits his calm and gloomy sounding voice he chose to use. The piano intro will suck you into the song right away.

The band also finally announced the release date for their first full album in the description of this video. Bokura no Zankoku Gekijou (ぼくらの残酷激情) will be available from July 19!

No new look has been revealed as of yet, but they did announce the following commemorative tour dates:

July 19: Shinsaibashi Fanj twice (心斎橋Fanj twice) (sponsored event)
July 20: Shinsaibashi Fanj twice (心斎橋Fanj twice) (free one man)
August 14: Ikebukuro EDGE (池袋EDGE) (sponsored event)
August 15: Ikebukuro EDGE (池袋EDGE) (free one man)

Tour Final
August 30: Zirco Tokyo (one man)

More info:
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