It has been two months since NoisyCell publicly announced their upcoming mini-album Pieces, but it is not until now we finally get a piece of it with the recently release music video preview for Pieces! With visuals merging the 8-bit characteristic together with reality, watch it in the video above! You may also listen to the short version of all the included tracks through the Japanese digital store Mora.

Just like the music video, all their flyers, logo, artwork and their naming convention follow a modern inspired 8-bit look. Even the instrumentals of the title track Pieces plays in a specific way to replicate the typical 8-bit music behavior, without actually adding effects to it.

The left side of the image displays the band’s tour flyer, themed as a retro RPG game. The right side displays their CD artwork with four colored thumbs in green, yellow, red, and blue, representing the buttons from old arcade stations. If you look closely, the thumbs are actually pressing against the surface, indicated by the dark circle.

Currently, only title track Pieces is available for purchase on Japanese digital stores like iTunes, recochoku, and Mora, we’ll have to wait for June 21 until its full release.

NoisyCell’s latest band photo for “Pieces”.



  1. Pieces
  2. Days
  3. “Good Luck”
  4. Just for Now
  6. Hearsome

Buy at CDJapan or iTunes

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