It has been announced through a statement posted on the band’s official website that Matenrou Opera Euro Tour 2017 is canceled. Reasons for cancellation have been stated as convenience of the local promoter and deterioration of the security in Europe.

In light of recent events occurring in Europe, Matenrou Opera members and staff have consulted and made a decision of bitterness to cancel the European tour after considering the safety aspects of visitors, members, and staff, as their top priority.

The tour organizers, B7Klan, have yet to announce this cancellation but we can expect a statement from them soon to confirm this in English. Please hold tight for further information on ticket refunds once their statement has been made.

Update: The band just shared their official English announcement regarding the cancellation which you can find below.


Update 2: B7KLAN updates the fans on the current situation.


More info:
Official Website
Facebook (Sono (苑))
Facebook (Ayame (彩雨))
Twitter (Sono (苑))
Twitter (Ayame (彩雨))
Twitter (Yo (燿))
Twitter (Yu (悠))
Instagram (Ayame (彩雨))
Instagram (Yo (燿))

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