Jiluka will drop their third mini-album, Xenomorphic, on June 28! The band has revealed their new look and announced that their third one-man live, PHASE : synchronicity, will be held a month later, on July 23 at Shibuya WWW.

The mini-album will contain six new songs as well as a DVD with the music videos for their latest single, Divine Error, and both songs from their third single, Faizh and Lethal Affliction.

So far, they have revealed previews via twitter for three out of the six songs included in the upcoming release. Listen to them below:

Preview of Bloodshot:

Preview of Necropolis:

Preview of Ajna:

Individual photos of the members’ new outfits

jiluka xenomorphic ricko

Vocalist Ricko

Guitarist Sena

Bassist Boogie

Drummer Zyean


Regular edition


  1. -Bipolar-
  2. Omelas
  3. Ajna
  4. Bloodshot
  5. Necropolis
  6. Helix


  1. Faizh (music video)
  2. Divine Error (music video)
  3. Lethal Affliction (music video)
  4. -The Divine Gear- (機材紹介)

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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Ricko)
Twitter (Sena)
Twitter (Boogie)
Twitter (Zyean)

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