Have you ever thought of how nice it would be with some visual kei bands visiting your country to hold concerts? Well, we have! Coincidentally, V STAR PROMOTION’s next step is to bring you just that! With help from you (the fans), this could become a reality.

V STAR PROMOTION is a start-up company with ambitious goals. Their operations focus on making visual kei more accessible than ever, especially for international fans. Their most recent success brought the edgy and glamorous visual kei band Rides In ReVellion to the states, headlining at the convention Anime USA in front of 400 people.

With an English native speaker and a Japanese native speaker managing the company, as well as a handful of connections in the visual kei scene, V STAR PROMOTION have all the fundamental building blocks to spread the culture of visual kei outside and inside Japan. Now they just need a little extra push to be able to spread visual kei even further around the globe!

This is where you come in!

  1. Contact us! Let us know about music festivals and conventions near you. You can message us here, or email vstarpr@gmail.com.
  2. Contact the event! Let them know you want to see visual kei artists, specific bands, or that you think they should work with V STAR PROMOTION. You can share our contact information with them so they can reach out to us directly.
  3. Tell your friends to do the same! Continue supporting and sharing visual kei and more bands will be able to meet their fans around the world.

Realistically speaking, collaborating with an event related to music or Japanese culture would increase the chances, but even by spreading the word about V STAR PROMOTION would itself raise the chances for more Jrock performances overseas. So in other words, sharing is caring.

Learn more about V STAR PROMOTION’s operations:

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