tricot fans in Europe should be rejoicing at this moment because it was announced two days ago that they will be embarking on yet another European tour beginning in August! This tour will be taking them to nine countries in 15 cities! Not all of them will be one-man shows though. For two of their UK shows, Brighton and London, respectively, they will be playing support for the British band Delta Sleep, and for their show in Bristol, they will be playing at ArcTangent Festival, so there are other bands playing there as well!

The tour is set to begin on August 18, and will end on September 9, when they play their show in Austria. Their post on Facebook did not give any insights on the tickets for the shows yet, so it might be wise to check with the venue of the show you plan to attend, or wait for further updates from the band. For now, let’s all jump on the hype train! (and hope they do another North American tour soon…) Check out the flyer for the tour below! Don’t know tricot? Check out their latest music video and join the fans!

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