Eagle-eyed followers would be able to point out that Rei Kuromiya from BRATS was formerly a member of the internet sensation, LADYBABY, before cross-dressing muscle-man Ladybeard left the band. Now, as BRATS have pulled up their sleeves to cook up some new tunes since their debut in 2011, JROCK NEWS were invited to interview the cutest young punkettes of Japan to ask them a few questions about their band. With Rei Kuromiya as the vocalist, Rei’s sister Aya Kuromiya on bass and Aya’s friend Hinako playing guitar, the girls will be unleashing a new double-single titled Ainikoiyo/Nounai Shoukyo Game on June 21. With their background covered, let’s find out a little more about their thoughts and aspirations for BRATS in the interview.

For our readers who are new to BRATS, could you please introduce yourselves?
Rei: How about if we introduce each other? Aya is the type of person who doesn’t show how hard she’s preparing, she just demonstrates her effort with results.

Aya: Hinako is naturally a balanced person, so she keeps the balance in the band.

Hinako: Rei is a super-reliable member of the band. She really does her work.

Could you tell us the meaning behind the name ‘BRATS’?
Rei: I got the inspiration from Black Stones aka “BLAST” from one of my favorite manga, NANA. Finding the right sound of the name was important, and we decided on “BRATS”—and that word sort of fits us, too!

Tell us about your recent release “Nounai Shoukyo Game” (“Brain Erase Game”) and how your music style has developed since your debut?
Rei: For a long time after the band was formed, we performed what was given to us. But, since our staff changed one and half years ago, the three of us are a lot more comfortable saying our own opinions, and we’ve come together with the idea that “We want to rock as hard as we can.” Now our visions are all facing the same direction, so there is no doubt.

What message do you express through your music, and who do you want your music connect to?
Hinako: It’s not like we perform particularly for a certain type of person. We just say and do what we want to.

Rei: But if our feelings naturally connect to someone, it’s fine, isn’t it?

What do you imagine in the future for BRATS?
Hinako: We’re going to keep changing, but I want to keep going intensely and aggressively!

Rei: We’re having a lot of fun experiencing unusual things that teenagers don’t usually get to experience, and then seeing these things turn into something normal that anyone can connect to. Through BRATS, I want to express my voice about these things.

Aya: I feel a little surprised when I think about long we’ve been going, and I’d like to keep going for a long time without any limits!

JROCK NEWS would like to thank BRATS for the opportunity to speak with them, and look forward to their upcoming album Ainikoiyo/Nounai Shoukyo Game which will be coming out on June 21.

BRATS – 脳内消去ゲーム (NOUNAI SHOUKYO GAME) - MOVIE 『スレイブメン(Slavemen)』Theme Song

BRATS - アイニコイヨ(AINIKOIYO) - TV ANIME 『TO BE HERO』Opening Theme

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