It has been announced that Arlequin will release a new single titled Kachikan no Chigai wa Yuiitsui no Sukui Datta on June 7 and have already revealed the music video preview for, which is located below!

As far as details go, a first press limited edition is confirmed with the tracklist that not only consists of the title song, but also past songs starting from the beginning at Arurukan, to their third single, Hakaana, all of which will be rerecorded!

So if it happens that you’ve only started listening to them late into their career, this is the perfect place to start! Check out their new artist photo’s with traces of red and black still a consistent theme in their costumes.

Artist photo for 11th single, “Kachikan no Chigai wa Sukuidatta”

Vocalist Aki (暁)

Guitarist Kuruto (來堵)

Guitarist Nao (奈緒)

Bassist Shohei (祥平)

Drummer Tamon (堕門)

Kachikan no Chigai wa Yuiitsui no Sukui Datta

NowPrinting CD

  1. Kachikan no Chigai wa Yuiitsui no Sukui Datta (価値観の違いは唯一の救いだった)
  2. Hakushi cho (白死蝶)
  3. SynonyM
  4. blind bud
  5. fiction
  6. Eclipse
  7. Sou (像)
  8. Namida no Ato (ナミダノアト)
  9. Stella (ステラ)
  10. Dame Ningen (ダメ人間)
  11. Mune no Uchigawa ni Yadoru Iki (胸の内側に宿る息)
  13. Hakaana (墓穴)
  14. Apotosis
  15. Libido (リビドー)

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