To promote the upcoming release of album Shikisai, WagakkiBand revealed their gentle and sweet music video Okinotayuu. In the music video, the band takes you through a journey of the four seasons in a visually spectacular manner, showcasing the golden autumn, the dreamy green summer, hard cold winter, and of course the sakura pink spring.

By the music and lyrics provided by guitarist Machiya, Okinotayuu tells a story of the transitory seasons from a migratory bird’s perspective.

Okinotayuu can as of today be purchased through the Japanese iTunes store as a digital single but will also be included in WagakkiBand’s third album Shikisai, which is to be made available on March 22. Shikisai includes this year’s TV Tokyo Rio Olympics theme song Kishi Kaisei, Mi・Ra・I (TV Tokyo Rio Olympics supporters’ song), Strong Fate (featured in the movie, The Inerasable), Valkyrie (featured as Twin Star Exorcists’ opening theme song).

Please note that all five of the available release editions on CDJapan are labeled as “limited edition”, four of them (not listed below) includes video content in DVDs, so get them while they’re hot!


Digital edition


  1. Okinotayuu

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  2. Yuki yo Maichire Sochira ni Mukete
  3. Valkyrie
  4. Kishi Kaisei
  5. Mi・Ra・I
  6. Strong Fate
  7. Ukiyo heavy life
  8. Ryusei
  9. Hotarubi
  10. Sora no Kiwami
  11. Tori no Youni
  12. Mochizuki
  13. Watashi・Shijoushugi
  14. CLEAN
  16. Children Record

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