the GazettE who relatively recently ended the extensive PROJECT DARK:AGE is now traversing up to their 15th-anniversary show DAINIPPON ITANGEISHA”BOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA” (大日本異端芸者「暴動区 愚鈍の桜」)! The show which will take place at Yoyogi National Gymnasium started its general ticket sale earlier today at 10:00 JST and wasn’t long lived, it only took an hour until all the tickets were gone! Staff members of the band took their time to show gratitude on social media and thanked all the participants with a message “Thanks for the sold out!!”.

If you however were an unlucky fan club member who didn’t secure a ticket for this show back in October, fret not! Because of the high demand, more concert has been scheduled explicitly for HERSEY fan club members, which details can be found here.

Ruki also stated on Twitter:

This is only the beginning of the GazettE’s 15th anniversary, only a small part of it, so you can expect even more to come. We will give you an amazing year with our gratitude.

Along with the ticket sale, the guys also exhibited a fashionable army look under red light! Possibly one of the cooler looks we’ve seen from this band!

the GazettE 15th annyversary tour "BOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA"

the GazettE’s group photo, dressed in military inspired outfits

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Ruki)
Twitter (Aoi)
Twitter (Reita)
Instagram (Ruki)
Instagram (Kai)

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