The end of the month will see RAZOR releasing their first single, DNA, on February 22, prompting the band to upload a music video preview for the title track located below.

This sees them using blue visuals instead of red, but also bringing back the black and white filter and intersecting transitions used in RED INVISIBLE. The on-screen text also makes a return.

There is also a trailer situated below that gives an idea of what everything else will sound like with the regular type B has three tracks in total including DNA, the second being Iya, Iya, Iya. while the third is Naked. The latter will just have the first two and a DVD with its respective music video. Check them both out now!


Limited edition Type A


  1. DNA
  2. Iya, Iya, Iya. (嫌、嫌、嫌。)


  1. DNA Music Video

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

 Regular edition Type B


  1. DNA
  2. Iya, Iya, Iya. (嫌、嫌、嫌。)
  3. Naked (ネイキッド)

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Staff)
Twitter (Ryoga)
Twitter (Tsurugi) (剣)
Twitter (Kouryu) (衍龍)
Twitter (IZA)
Twitter (Tetsuya) (哲也)
Instagram (Kouryu) (衍龍)

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