RAZOR have made a well-received debut back in November with their mini-album RED INVISIBLE, and now the band is back to try to extend that initial good impression with their newest single, DNA! The single will be hitting the shelves on February 22, and it will have two editions to choose from.

The regular version will have three songs, whilst the limited version includes two songs only, but has a DVD with the title track’s music video instead. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a tracklist or pre-order links available yet. Be sure to check back for updates! Meanwhile, check out the band’s new look below as well!

Vocalist Ryoga

Guitarist Koryou

Drummer Tetsuya

Bassist IZA

Guitarist Tsurugi

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Staff)
Twitter (Ryoga)
Twitter (Tsurugi) (剣)
Twitter (Kouryu) (衍龍)
Twitter (IZA)
Twitter (Tetsuya) (哲也)
Instagram (Kouryu) (衍龍)

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