Kra will release a new DVD on April 26 featuring their Christmas Eve live-celebration-performance that took place in Asakusa Public Hall, appropriately titled Krasmas Eve -Konya wa Kimi to Sugoshitai-. The first part being a wordplay on Christmas Eve and the rest interpreted as “tonight I want to spend the night with you”. So far, the DVD is only available for pre-order on Amazon, however, it should be available on many other mainstream stores as the release date gets closer.

In other news, their latest limited album Kra no Susume (Kraのすゝめ) released on January 22  is already sold out at PSC web shop! While the album was also available at live venues, it was not specified whether they will continue selling it at their performances or not, so you still might have a chance!

Kra no Susume (Kraのすゝめ) is a ten-track album containing re-recorded songs from the band’s fifteen-year career.

The band revealed their new artist photos:

Vocalist Keiyuu (景夕)

Guitarist Taizo (タイゾ)

Bassist Yuhra (結良)

Drummer Yasuno (靖乃)

Krasmas eve -Konya wa Kimi to Sugoshitai-

NowPrinting DVD

  1. Onigi no Uta (鬼戯ノ唄)
  2. Fushigi na Sekai kara no Shoutaijou (不思議な世界からの招待状)
  3. Tatoe (例え)
  4. Yuki no Furigai (雪の降る街)
  5. May Day (メイデイ)
  6. Machibito (街の灯)
  7. Daimei no Nai Fuyu no Nichi (題名のない冬の日)
  8. Uchuu Traveler (宇宙トラベラー)
  10. Attention Please (あー テンション プリーズ)
  11. Mu Taku to mu Taku to (無拓と無択と)
  12. artman
  14. SMLT
  15. Ashita ya (明日屋)
  16. Eclipse (エクリプス)
  17. Shiki Tabi (四季旅)
  18. Kuuchuu Blanco (空中ブランコ)
  19. Extra Kingdom (エキストラキングダム)
  20. Buriki no Hata (ブリキの旗)

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