Welcome to another edition of Discover Jrock Bands! Today we will introduce to the newcomers Sioux and Labaiser and a not so new band that might ring a bell to some of you, JACK+MW.


We were truly shocked when amber gris decided to disband back in 2015 but we have good news regarding one of their former member. While some of the previous members are currently acting as support members or in session bands, guitarist Kaname has decided to take the role of the vocalist to form a new band named Sioux.

Sioux is composed of Kaname on vocals, Soa and Ciela on guitar, YACHIRU on bass and Lotto as the drummer. The five-piece band debuted past year on October 26 and released their first single titled hue two weeks in advance. Listen to its preview below and find out how beautiful is the sound of Kaname’s voice:

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Official Website
Twitter (Kaname)
Twitter (Soa)
Twitter (Ciela)
Twitter (YACHIRU)
Twitter (Lotto)
Instagram (Ciela)


Labaiser (ラヴェーゼ) is a band formed in mid 2016 by the members of SeaR/Lene under a new stage name. The band consists of Saya (紗弥) on vocals, Sagito (凪斗) and Serah (聖薇) on guitar, Hinaki (雛葵) on bass, and lastly, Tohya (柊椰) on drums who is the only member outside of SeaR/Lene.

They are signed under Starwave Records’ sublabel GLENDIA. Their debut took place at Takadanobaba AREA on July 13 after holding a demo live earlier in May. In the month of July, they released their first single titled Itsuwari no Dystopia (偽りのディストピア). In more recent events, it was announced that their first mini-album will be out by March time under the name Chain of Tragedy, which we will keep you updated on, please look forward to it!

Watch the music video for Itsuwari no Dystopia (偽りのディストピア) below and let us know your thoughts on this band in the comment section below:

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Saya)
Twitter (Nagito)
Twitter (Serah)
Twitter (Hinaki)
Twitter (Tohya)


This is not a new name actually, JACK+MW was born around 2011 and went on hiatus after several members decided to depart from the band. Vocalist LUCA, being the only original member, reformed the band and “re-debuted” with a new line-up in May 2015.

The band is composed of vocalist LUCA (琉架), guitarist Renjou (蓮誠), bassist Su (崇) and drummer Kazuto (和斗).

Within this year only, they’ve already released two singles, a mini-album and a live-distributed single. Their third single is planned to be released in March later this year. While we wait for that to show up, how about watching the music video for their second single Satsuriku ni Itaru ai (殺戮にいたる哀):

More info:
Official Website
Blog (Luca)
Blog (Renjou)
Blog (Su)
Blog (Kazuto)
Twitter (Luca)
Twitter (Renjou)
Twitter (Su)
Twitter (Kazuto)

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