Back in October, Rides In ReVellion covered X-Japan’s song Rusty Nail and teased us with a short lyric video. No other details were revealed at that time, and we guessed that a full version would be released at some point. The band has now fulfilled our wishes by announcing the release of their fourth single Reincarnation-F.A.T.E./Rusty Nail- with the release date, initially set on December 28, being postponed to February 1.

The single will come in two editions both including the main tracks. Regular editions will include a bonus track titled Daydream, while limited editions will be accompanied by a DVD with a music video for Reincarnation-F.A.T.E.

In other news, the band announced that their second one-man live will be celebrated at Osaka Ruido on December 29.

You might have heard of some new topic that has been around for quite a while, saying that Visual Kei is dying. Vocalist Kuro and guitarist TaJi have an important message for you in regards to this matter. Watch it below:

Reincarnation-F.A.T.E./Rusty Nail-


Edition A


  1. F.A.T.E.
  2. Rusty Nail
  3. Daydream

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Edition B


  1. F.A.T.E.
  2. Rusty Nail


  1. F.A.T.E music video

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