Back in October, Rides In ReVellion covered X-Japan’s song Rusty Nail and teased us with a short lyric video. No other details were revealed at that time, and we guessed that a full version would be released at some point. The band has now fulfilled our wishes by announcing the release of their fourth single Reincarnation-F.A.T.E./Rusty Nail- with the release date, initially set on December 28, being postponed to February 1.

The single will come in two editions both including the main tracks. Regular editions will include a bonus track titled Daydream, while limited editions will be accompanied by a DVD with a music video for Reincarnation-F.A.T.E.

In other news, the band announced that their second one-man live will be celebrated at Osaka Ruido on December 29.

Rides In ReVellion 『Rusty Nail』 lyric video(X JAPAN cover)

You might have heard of some new topic that has been around for quite a while, saying that Visual Kei is dying. Vocalist Kuro and guitarist TaJi have an important message for you in regards to this matter. Watch it below:

Reincarnation-F.A.T.E./Rusty Nail-


Edition A


  1. F.A.T.E.
  2. Rusty Nail
  3. Daydream

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon


Edition B


  1. F.A.T.E.
  2. Rusty Nail


  1. F.A.T.E music video

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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