There’s a new single from the metal band JILUKA coming your way! It will be out on December 21 under the name Divine Error, available in two editions. Each edition will have a different tracklist and bonus content, so be sure to check out the previews below.

Regular edition comes with the title track and a b-side titled Faceless, while the limited edition will have a different b-side, Citrus, and also a bonus DVD with three live songs taken from their second one-man live The Chronostasis celebrated on September 23.

Finally, the band revealed their new artist photos to promote the upcoming single. Take a look below:

Jiluka’s new looks!

Vocalist Ricko

Guitarist Sena

Bassist Boogie

Drummer Zyean

Divine Error

Regular edition


  1. -Blasphemy- (ブラスフェミー)
  2. Divine Error (ディヴァイン・エラー)
  3. Faceless (フェイスレス)

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Limited edition


  1. -Defective Debug- (ディフェクティヴ・デバッグ)
  2. Divine Error (ディヴァイン・エラー)
  3. Citrus (シトラス)


  1. B.A.L.U.S (live)
  2. Faizh (live)
  3. D.O.J (live)

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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Ricko)
Twitter (Sena)
Twitter (Boogie)
Twitter (Zyean)

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