After releasing his first solo album, Rosario, in just over a decade on August 3 and with Versailles Philharmonic Quintet reuniting as well as touring Europe early next year, the announcement that guitarist and composer HIZAKI would be performing at Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2016 could not have come at a more appropriate time.

Taking place on the HYPER Live stage for the last Saturday evening performance, the set opens up with a grandiose-sounding instrumental that accompanies the virtuoso as he blesses the audience with his presence, only for the applause to get louder, before taking center stage.


All hands up!

The first song demonstrates his guitar skills right off the bat, getting hands up in the air, heads bobbing and the ground rumbling that transitions to a heavier song HIZAKI plays effortlessly, following into the MC where he says “hello” multiple times, all while a person in the back starts growling madly.

HIZAKI introduces the next song, Silent Knight and signals everyone to wave their hands, turning into claps by the fourth song where the piano is prevalent throughout. After an encapsulating performance, there is mention of the next song being the concert’s very last and that’s when the room gives off a prolonged “no”. Denial comes from those in the room, but regardless, the concert continues and the sound system fills with stringed instruments of even stronger classical influence than any of the previous backing tracks. HIZAKI’s hands are mesmerizing in all of his splendor as the technicality in his guitar work illustrates itself in all forms.

As a final farewell, he says thank you and mentions that Versailles are to come back next year, definitely something to look forward to then.


HIZAKI posing with the audience at the end of the performance

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