Megamasso has returned in full shape from a one-year hiatus announcing the release of a double A-side single titled Futonshi / The Second Nimbus (ふとん史/ザセカンドニムバス), and a very energetic music video for Futonshi!

The single will be out on December 7 in three editions. Limited editions will come in an A4-size package with a DVD and a photo collection, while regular editions will contain a CD with three songs each, with the third track being different.

There’s a short description of each song available at their official site:

The second nimbus combines a catchy melody with digital hardcore sounds while Irodori drop is a light and speedy rock tune. And finally, Higeki! Kassha Okuri no Kei will be a ballad! The band has explained that despite the songs being varied, the single as a whole will be very consistent in regards to the themes and sound making.

Back in 2015, the band announced that they would take a free year to recharge and improve their individual skills, and they did! Both Inzargi and Ryohei started their respective individual projects, Vanity Sicks and Migimimi Sleep Tight, while bassist Gou remained in silence during the pause. We wonder what will come of these projects now that Megamasso is back in the game. Only the future can tell.

As they promised, their comeback will be celebrated on December 10, 2016 at Shinagawa Intercity Hall, in time to commemorate their tenth anniversary. Meanwhile, take a look at the band’s new outfits below:


Megamasso’s new look!


Vocalist Inzargi (インザーギ)


Guitarist Ryohei (涼平)


Bassist Gou

Futonshi / The Second Nimbus


Regular edition A


  1. Second Nimbus (ザセカンドニムバス)
  2. Futonshi (ふとん史)
  3. irodori drop

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Regular edition B


  1. Second Nimbus (ザセカンドニムバス)
  2. Futonshi (ふとん史)
  3. Higeki! Kassha Okuri no Kei (悲劇!滑車送りの刑)

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Limited edition 


  1. Second Nimbus (ザセカンドニムバス)
  2. Futonshi (ふとん史)


  • Package in A4 size
  • DVD with two music videos
  • Photobook

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