Rides In ReVellion have recently revealed a music video for their newest single titled Seirios which came out on July 28 and teased us with a short lyric video of Rusty Nail, a cover from the legendary X Japan!

They have not mentioned anything about X Japan’s cover yet. However, we are guessing that they will release the full version of the song at some point. In the meantime, we can enjoy the lyric video below:

This weekend the band performed at Anime USA convention which was held in Washington DC. Did you attend? If so, please let us know all your impressions in the comment section below. You can also head out to our discord page and share your pictures with the band!


rides in revellion seirios cover

Regular edition


  1. Seirios
  2. Amnesia (アムネシア)

Buy at CDJapan, V STAR PROMOTIONHMV or Amazon

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (English)
Twitter (Japanese)
Twitter (Kuro)
Twitter (TaJI)
Twitter (Nagisa)
Twitter (Ame)
Blog (Kuro)
Blog (TaJI)
Blog (Ame)

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