Do you love Lolita23q? Do you feel blessed to have BAN back in your life? Well, get ready for an extra dose of Lolita23q’s drummer, as he, alongside members of LAGNA, Tokyo Shitei, and ASTRO BOY have decided to form LOVE LOCK! The official members include the following people, maybe you’ll recognize some!

  • Vocals: Shibuya
    • ex-Tokyo Shitei, ASTRO BOY, PLANET BOi
  • Guitar: Kemen
  • Guitar: Gotaro
    • ex-Host Love, DragonWAPPPPPPER, 4tune_UNIT, LAGNA (as bassist)
  • Bass: KAI
    • ex-LiZ, DOPES.
  • Drums: BAN
    • ex- LOUD GRAPE, also in Lolita23q

The band emerged this past October 2, and already the band will be holding a mini one-man live and a fan-meeting on December 26! A debut release hasn’t been announced yet, but they did post this lyric video on their official twitter account.

Do you feel a tingling sensation all over your body? Don’t worry that is just excitement! Keep checking back here, because we’ll be keeping an eye on this new band!

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