He had relapsed four times previously as a cause of his brain tumor, but always came out on top. After he announced yet another relapse, we were all sure he would overcome it again, but unfortunately, life had decided to keep him from suffering any longer. On October 9, BOOM BOOM SATELLITES vocalist Kawashima Michiyuki passed away at age 47.

The family of the now deceased singer announced to hold a private ceremony for family and friends only. However, a special event for fans will follow suit so they too can pay their respects.

Kawashima announced to go on hiatus back in September 2015, in order to devote himself to treatment and get back on stage as quickly as possible. However, his health took a turn for the worse and BOOM BOOM SATELLITES ended up breaking up instead after little over two decades together.

BOOM BOOM SATELLITES other member, Nakano Masayuki, stated on the band’s official website that Kawashima was now on the next stage of his journey, his body now free from suffering, soaring the skies around the world world instead. He also gave his deepest thanks to everyone who supported both the band and Kawashima.

We would like to wish our sincerest condolences to Kawashima Michiyuki’s family and friends. May his soul rest in piece.

Source: Official website, Facebook

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