Having been about a year and a half since their last album “Planetary Secret”, Ryo and Kei of BAROQUE (formerly of Kannivalism.) are finally back with a new single, due to come out on October 26. It’ll come out in two editions, and is produced by Ken from L’arc~en~ciel! The regular edition of the single features three songs, one of which is a remix of ila., a song off of their most popular album “Sug Life”, which came out in 2004, while the limited edition only features two songs and the music video.

For long time fans of Baroque, you may either love this song or hate it. It’s definitely very pop-inspired, with a lot of synths and a poppy beat, and subtle use of autotune for effect from Ryo, just like in “Planetary Secret”. It’s quite a departure from the punk rock and atmospheric sound they had in “Sug Life”, and a lot less alternative sounding than “Non Fiction”. This very gentle, soft sound seems like a normal progression from where the band left off in “Planetary Secret”, so who knows, maybe the band will head in a poppier direction in future releases!

The band has also announced a show at TOKYO WWW X on December 25 named Perfect World. 



Regular Edition


  1. GIRL
  2. PLAY
  3. ILA. Remix by Takeyuki Hatan

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Limited Edition


  1. GIRL
  2. PLAY


  1. GIRL (music video)

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Twitter (Ryo)
Twitter (Kei)
Instagram (Ryo)

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