This years’ SuG live performance “VersuS” has decided! VersuS is a show featuring a battle system where they measure audience cheers between dark gothic “Gokuaku-SuG” and colourful pop “Gokusai-SuG”. During the show, SuG will show two different images through not only the costumes, but also their music performance. Moreover, the winner side will release DVD and photo album, and therefore every year there is furious competition between their fans. In 2014, Gokuaku-SuG won and released DVD and the following year 2015, Gokusai-SuG won the competition and released photo album.

This year, VesuS have 16 shows in Japan. More cheers, more points will be added to the supported side. So, your voice decides the result of the battle! Don’t miss it!

Osaka VersuS
November 12(Sat)Osaka, Matushita IMP Hall Gokuaku SuG
November 13(Sun)Osaka, Matushita IMP Hall Gokusai SuG

Kyushu VersuS
November 19(Sat)Fukuoka, Fukuoka DRUM SON Gokuaku SuG
November 20(Sun)Kumamoto, Kumamoto B.9 V2 Gokusai SuG

Nagoya VersuS
November 22(Tue)Aichi, Nagoya E.L.L.(Electric Lady Land) Gokuaku SuG
November 23(Wed)Aichi, Nagoya E.L.L.(Electric Lady Land) Gokusai SuG

Tokyo VersuS
November 26(Sat)Tokyo, Shinagawa Intercity Hall Gokuaku SuG
November 27(Sun)Tokyo, Shinagawa Intercity Hall Gokusai SuG

Tohoku VersuS
December 3(Sat)Miyagi, Sendai MACANAGokuaku SuG
December 4(Sun)Yamagata, Yamagata Music Showa Session Gokusai SuG

Chugoku VersuS
December 16(Fri)Hiroshima, Hiroshima Cave-Be Gokuaku SuG
December 17(Sat)Okayama, Okayama IMAGE Gokusai SuG

Shinetsu VersuS
December 22(Thu)Nigata, Nigata CLUB RIVERST Gokuaku SuG
December 23(Fri)Nagano, Matsumoto ALECX Gokusai SuG

Kansai VersuS
December 26(Mon)Kyoto, Kyoto MOJO Gokuaku SuG
December 27(The)Hyogo, Kobe VARIT Gokusai SuG

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Official Website
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Instagram (Takeru (武瑠))
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