Nao (なお), guitarist of DaizyStripper, just announced the creation of a new side project called FREAKMAN as part of the band’s 10th anniversary project appropriately named decade. It will consist of two members; Nao on guitar, the other member will be no other than Ryouta (涼太) from Neverland as the vocalist!

The duo have already set their first single, which is yet to be titled, but is planned to be released on October 19. Just a day before they will celebrate their first one-man live taking place at Ikebukuro EDGE. For this debut, Nao have recruited some known faces as support members; guitarist LiN from UNiTE will be on guitar, while Minpha (眠花) from Pentagon will be the bassist. On drums you will find KAZI from Fest Vainqueur. Rai (ライ) from GIGAMOUS will replace KAZI only on September 17.

Although this project looks very exciting, and surely it will be, we have to inform you that FREAKMAN will not last long. They will go on hiatus on January 17 next year, after their one-man live at Tsutaya O-WEST. Take a look at their live schedule below and tell us if you will be able to attend to any of these performances:

2016/10/20 Ikebukuro EDGE

2016/11/17 Ikebukuro EDGE
“Force Wars vol.1”

2016/12/6 Shibuya REX
“Force Wars vol.2”

2017/1/16 Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST

Purchase your tickets at e-plus.

freakman nao ryota

From left to right, Ryouta and Nao.

freakman nao

Guitarist Nao (なお)

freakman ryota

Vocalist Ryouta (涼太)

Title to be announced


Regular edition 2000 – 2160 yen


  1. To be announced
  2. To be announced
  3. To be announced
  4. BLACK DROPPer (DayzyStripper cover)

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More info:
Twitter (Ryouta)
Twitter (Nao)

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