As reported earlier in June this year, THE BLACK SWAN will be releasing a new single titled “PERSONA” in October 19. They’ve just uploaded a preview of the PERSONA music video so check it out! This release will be in two editions, each with two tracks but with a different B-track. Check out the cover art for creepy unborn baby/cracked open doll face artwork that will frighten your mother in the middle of the night. Did we mention we hated dolls and also clowns?


Edition A


  2. Literacism (リテラシズム)

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Edition B


  2. Fu Seiron (不正論)

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On a nicer note, as well as their one-man live in Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST on November 25, they will be performing five shows in late October in “Tadashii Ningen” (正しい人間) alongside MoreKuroyuri to Kage, Sibilebashir and other bands.

THE BLACK SWAN sponsored TOUR’16 “Tadashii Ningen”

October 23 – Shinjuku Zirco Tokyo with Kuroyuri to Kage, More and Lamiel
October 27 – Fukuoka DRUM SON withKuroyuri to Kage, Avant Garde and umbrella
October 29 – Osaka Abeno ROCK TOWN with Kuroyuri to Kage, More and shiroyume
October 30 -Nagoya HeartLand withKuroyuri to Kage and More
November 6 – Sendai spaceZero with Kuroyuri to Kage, More, and Sibilebashir

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