To celebrate the 20th anniversary of ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION #AKFG20, JROCK NEWS looked for fans across the world to collaborate. Fans from across the globe, including Philippines, Russia, England, Hong Kong and more took part in drawing, recording and writing to send their thoughts for AKFG’s big 20th anniversary, so check them out below.




Country: France

A french fan. And I am a designer too. I took a train to Paris for the second concert of AKFG in France. I met a lot of people, and they became my friends! During the travel, I drew a lot of illustration of them. I’m very lucky, because 3 of them signed my illustration. So I make this video to show all of this.


Sophia Morante

Country: Philippines

Dear Asian Kung-Fu Generation / Ajikan,

First, I would just like to say that I couldn’t write a message to you in Japanese (because my Japanese is absolutely terrible). But either way, I would just like to thank you, not just for your music, but also because of how you influenced me. Honestly, if I hadn’t found out about you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I am very thankful for that.

I also would like to say that you are an amazing band and I’m incredibly proud for all of you. You are all incredible musicians, and somehow I am envious of that. I’m fascinated by your music and as far as I know, you’ve been great since the beginning- because your music is created with passion. It’s created with the love of what you do.

Because you have inspired me so much, the most I can do is make these portraits as a way of “returning” the inspiration you have brought. (Although deep inside, I know it will never amount to how much greater your inspiration is. But I’m only 15 and I still have a long way to go.)

I’m going to have to keep this message short because I know that you all have read quite a lot of mail by the time you read this. I know this is just another letter in a sea of mail, but I hope that you know that I truly am very thankful. God bless.

With love from the Philippines,
S. Morante

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Burokkori (cover band)

Country: Russia

We are Burokkori – asian cover band from Russia (We cover j-rock, anime OSTs, k-pop rock covers). AKFG is a supreme band and their music is always interesting to play. Here’s our cover of ‘Re-Write’.


Luane C. A. Loureiro

Country: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I love the band. I’ve followed when I first had the Internet and I waited for a long time for them to play in Brazil, but I could not go to the show. I hope they will come back more often. Congratulations on 20 years of success. I am an artist and study in design course at university, I made this CD cover as the final piece for the course.asian_kung_fu_generation_by_luachan-d31h4mr-1


Deri Warsito

Country: Indonesia

I wanted to participate in this project because I love Ajikan. Especially as their music changed my life. I’m so be grateful for finding them in my life. Here is my art, I hope they like it.
Terima Kasih




Country: England, UK

Alike a lot of fans from aboard, I found Ajikan when I first watched Naruto. At the beginning I didn’t pay much attention, but gradually as I kept on accidentally finding them come up on the internet, I decided to find the band and listen to you seriously.

The first album I bought was Sol-fa which was imported from Japan. I remember waiting a for a long time because I couldn’t afford faster delivery, but the wait was worth it. This was back in the days when people still played the CD in the CD player, and I had this particular album on repeat. My favourite song was Re:Re: and I was really happy when I saw that they re-recorded this track. I can really hear how the band has grown so much. I’m glad Ajikan is still around since my childhood and stuck around to write more music I can still connect with as an adult.

Here is an illustration I put together with a small parts of your album and single releases. I hope you like it and keep up the hard work as always.




Miriam Moreno

Country: Mexico

Congratulations for your 20th anniversary!
Looking at Nakamura’s art, it inspired me to draw a fanart which combine both cultures. I draw a “Catrina” which is a famous image of a beautiful female skeleton when we celebrate “Día de Muertos” in November 1st; also I draw “Quetzalcoatl” who in the prehispanic times was considered the god of Wind and Wisdom in Aztec ethnic.I really want to express thanks for making me find myself through your music, I can’t imagine a world without your songs. When I listen to AKFG I fell that I can fly to outspace, dream, overcome all obstacles, full my heart with happiness and try the new things I´m afraid of.
Thanks to you I made a lot of new friends, and now I know I must never say “There’s no point, before things have even begun”

Please come back to Mexico City, I enjoyed a lot your concert
Lot of love,







Country: Hong Kong/Canada

Ajikan has been part of most of my life, and their music got me to do things I never imagined I would. Writing songs, learning guitar, performing on stage, busking in Tokyo/Hong Kong, etc. I wholeheartedly thank them for being a positive influence on a generation who grew up on their music which asks the listeners to tap into their own emotions and discover themselves, and to be aware of issues in the world.

I’ve only had a chance to see them live once in Taiwan in 2014, and my most memorable moment was telling Kiyoshi san “You’re the best drummer in the world!” (in English). He turned around, laughed and said thanks. I wish to see them again and get them to sign my copy of Mada Minu Ashita Ni, one of my favourite albums of all time, next time! Keep rocking!

Thanks Ajikan for everything, and JRockNews for doing this.

Comic artist in Toronto





Thank you for all the fans who have submitted their amazing art, videos and written messages. We will be accepting entries for this fan project till October 30, 2016. Take part now!

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