“People react” type of videos have been a rising form of entertainment over the past couple of years, and Fine Brothers Entertainment, one of Youtube’s most famous channels, does content focusing solely on “react” videos.

Today, Fine Brothers Entertainment introduced famous Youtubers to visual kei for the first time, and recorded their responses, which expand from disgust and fear to subtle headbanging and appreciation for the band’s visual aesthetics.  These Youtubers were shown three music videos from three different bands, The Gazette, DADAROMA, and Insanity Injection. Check out the video above!

The first band shown to these guys was B.R.N by Insanity Injection, a fairly new band that formed this year. However, it was by far the heaviest of the three bands, both visually and musically, lending to a wide range of reactions, although mostly it was shock and cringe from the vocalist’s inhale vocals. Check out the original video and some reactions below:

Insanity Injection - B.R.N (Full Version)

youtubers react eating flesh

“I think she was, like, just eating flesh”

youtubers react mating call

“They’re sampling my mating call.” (Referring to inhale vocals)

youtubers react production value great

“Production value is great.”

youtubers react stuff is great

“This stuff is great!”

The next video shown to these guys was the GazettE’s The Invisible Wall, and reactions and opinions were a lot more positive with them, as the costumes were less flamboyant and the music more similar to mainstream Western metal bands. It also helped that compared to Insanity Injection, this song was a lot less heavy and crazy. Check their reactions and the original video below!

the GazettE The Invisible Wall full PV (HQ)

youtubers react better

“Compared to that last one, this was a lot better.”

youtubers react boys or girls

“I don’t know if they’re boys or girls. They fine.”

youtubers react pretty eyes

“Look how pretty his eyes are! It’s not fair!”

youtubers react that was great

“That was great!”

The last video shown to them was DADAROMA’s Risley Circus, which after having seen the previous two videos, they seemed to enjoy the song — until the breakdown came, at least. They still didn’t like the fact that Yoshiatsu was dressed as a clown, though:

DADAROMA「リズリーサーカス」MV Spot.

youtubers react clown

“Minus the clown, we’re good.”

youtubers react costumes are great

“The costumes are great!”

youtubers react noise

“WHAT IS THAT NOISE?!” (Referring to scream vocals)

youtubers react tries to headbang

(Tries to headbang.)

youtubers react weird shit

“Here comes the weird shit again.”

My first initial reaction when I saw this was, “Poor guys, they think these are girls.” The amount of times the referred to them as “she” was simply too many. Also, judging by the general reactions, it seems clear that none of them even listen to western metal (except for that one guy that liked all three bands, shout-out to him!), so I think it would have been better to include some metalheads to get some more neutral reactions.

Furthermore, after it was explained that visual kei does not pertain solely to metal, several said they would consider diving into visual kei if they found something more to their style, so I think it would have been better to include some of the more mainstream and pop bands, like UNiTE and A9 (Alice Nine), instead of just showing them the heaviest bands they could find. It was clear they were seeking for one specific reaction, which was that reaction of shock and disgust towards the breakdowns and harsh vocals.

What did you think of this video? Are you happy with the bands that were shown, or what other bands do you think should have been shown? Let us know in the comments!

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