VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016 Powered by Rakuten will be on for three days spanning the 14-16 October at Japan’s largest convention center Makuhari Messe. The first artists to be announced are X JAPAN, LUNA SEA, GLAY, hide with Spread Beaver, and Golden Bomber. Dozens more will be announced soon. It’s been nearly thirty years since the birth of Visual-Kei in Japan, and the event will be Japan’s biggest-ever Visual-Kei festival, bringing together bands from across the country for an estimated audience of 100,000 people.

X JAPAN, who have been on hiatus since the sudden hospitalization of their guitarist PATA, will make a full return at the festival. The VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016 will also incorporate a revival 24 years later of Extasy Summit, the legendary event that began in 1988, and was last held in 1992 at the Osaka Castle Hall and Nippon Budokan. And plans are being made for live viewing abroad, with details to be announced later.

VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016 Announced artists

LUNA SEA (Performance date: October 14,16)
X JAPAN (Performance date: October 14,15,16)
GLAY (Performance date: October 14,15,16)
hide with Spread Beaver (Performance date: October 15)
Golden Bomber (Performance date: October 16)

Presale Tickets

1 Day Pass 14,000 yen (Tax Included) (Standing Only)
3 Day Pass 39,000 yen (Tax Included) (Standing Only)
1 Day VIP Pass 60,000 yen (Tax Included) SOLD OUT

More info:
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