Ryo wasn’t lying when he told JROCK NEWS that he’d continue making music! He is now back with an untitled song (at least to our knowledge) with the purpose of teaching you how to mix music just like him!

However, it doesn’t come for free, be prepared to spend around $100 (¥9800) to retrieve a bundle of resources, consisting of project files, audio, presets and a tutorial. To a surprise, the tutorial is available in both English, and Japanese. So if you do have a basic foundation in mixing music, this could actually be quite helpful. Granted, we have not yet viewed the tutorial ourselves, but just having the project files and presets will get you started nicely.

Do take note you must have purchase/download the plugins in beforehand to use the presets, otherwise these presets will be rendered useless. So if you don’t own any of these plugins, you need to basically throw in some more spare changes to play with this.

Let’s at least take a moment and appreciate the music, since most of you aren’t likely to find your way to purchase the content. To us, this heavily reminded us of the title track chimera, from girugamesh’s last EP with the same name. Which is a good thing, since chimera was probably one of girugamesh’s better work. It’s just too bad that we currently cannot find any information on whether this is a start of a new music project, that will lead to something serious. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see?

Trackmaker kit includes:

  • Drum sample/gog/wav
  • BIAS FX Preset
  • BASS Preset
  • Stem/24bit48k
  • Multi/24bit48k
  • GTR Line/Drums MIDI/Before Drumagog
  • Plugin setting(How to make heavy sound)
  • Mixed/Mastered

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