androp has revealed an interested video for “Hana” on YouTube which will be online for a very short period of time, so catch it whilst you can. This video is to promote their upcoming best of album titled best[and/drop] which will be released on July 27.

The video shows a projection mapping of the music video “Hana” on a real lily flower arrangement, with 24-hour live coverage from the studio. The projection is automatically controlled in accordance with the wilting flowers and changes moment to moment, and so the music video also will change its appearance over time.

The stream will last until the flowers wither.


Comments as the live stream goes on.


Four lilies arranged in the dark studio.


Close up of the flower details with the projection of the band.

Take a look at the comment on the concept:

At the beginning of this project, we received a comment from Takahito Uchisawa.

“ Hana (= flower)” is a very old song I created 9 years ago. It’s already been 7 years since we started androp. Our music, and ourselves have changed significantly as the times and environments have. I think the same goes with our fans. When we decided to release our best album, we wanted these fans to re-discover the music of androp, and deliver something that depicts who we are now to the new fans. The message of the song to “do what you believe in despite all odds” is a feeling that has not changed over the years, and in fact is resonating with us stronger as we’ve grown older. I feel that this song “Hana” is a bridge that connects the music, the fans, and ourselves of the past with the present.”

That made me feel that the concept of “passing time” was equally as important as themes such as light, mind, flowers, water, which is sung in the lyric. That’s how we came up with an idea to create a video that keeps on changing as time goes by, by using a real flower and projecting videos onto them and live stream the installation. As the flower widdle, the video will organically change, and you can only view the video until the flower dies. I hope you can enjoy and feel the message about the beauty of life, through this finite visual experience.

Take a look at the promo for the album too:

best [and/drop]


3000 yen

CD 1 “And”

  1. Roots
  2. Colorful
  3. Glider
  4. MirrorDance
  5. Puppet
  6. Bright Siren
  7. Noah
  8. World.Words.Lights.
  9. Boohoo
  10. Voice:Nippon TV drama “Woman” theme song
  11. UtaUtai no Karasu
  12. Melody Line
  13. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! :Mitsuya Cider TVCM(2015)
  14. Astra Nova Square Enix “Star Ocean 5” theme song
  15. Hana

CD 2 “Drop”

  1. Tonbi
  2. Image Word
  3. Nam(a)e
  4. Basho
  5. Clover
  6. March
  7. Bell
  8. End roll
  9. Rainbows: the movie “Mr. Suzuki” theme song (2013)
  10. Missingthe movie “roommate” theme song (2013)
  11. One
  12. Shout: TBS drama “family hunting” theme song (2014)
  13. Run: : J-WAVE FOOTBALL FEVER 2014 campaign song (2014)
  14. Kokoro: NHK drama 10, “to find me” theme song (2015)
  15. Sayonara

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