Being nine months since their last EP and over a year and a half since their last album, indie and shoegaze band THE NOVEMBERS are making a comeback with the release of their new album titled Hallelujah on September 21. They have recently just released the tracklist and album cover, with art direction being led by Fumihito Toba, who illustrated the cover. This is also their first release on the record label MAGNIPH/HOSTESS as opposed to their previous label MERZ.

With the band’s 11 year anniversary rolling right around the corner, their website states that “Something happens in every 11th day in THE NOVEMBERS 11th anniversary year“. So far other than the announcement of the new album they have also announced a one-man live show at Shinkiba Studio coast scheduled on November 11.

Known for their soft, atmospheric and almost sleepy ballads to harsh, distorted songs, who knows what direction they could decide to go next with this album? Who knows, maybe it could be a delightful blend of the two, like their last album, both of which they do best.


Regular edition 2600 – 2808 yen


  1. Hallelujah
  2. Kuroi Niji (黒い虹)
  3. 1000 Nen (1000年)
  4. Utsukushi Hi (美しい火 )
  5. Ai wa Nakenashi (愛はなけなし)
  6. Kaze (風)
  7. Jikan sae mo Toshioite (時間さえも年老いて)
  8. !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Tada Toku he (ただ遠くへ)
  10. Anata wo Aishitai (あなたを愛したい)
  11. Ikou yo (いこうよ)

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