Welcome back to JROCK NEWS Weekly Roundup for all things Jrock. This week we will be covering on how you can take part in Nano’s upcoming music video, ex-v[NEU] Hiro opening up his own beauty salon and how you can take part to compete to be a part of GYZE’s third album.

Be part of Nano's upcoming music video and compete to be a part of GYZE’s third album

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Featured JROCK NEWS Weekly Roundup stories:

  1. THE BLACK SWAN announce new single “PERSONA”
  2. DIR EN GREY to release new best album
  3. BOOM BOOM SATELLITES to disband, latest EP will be final release
  4. Be a part of nano’s upcoming music video, no matter where you live!
  5. Kiryu to release their fifth album ”Hyakki Yagyo”
  6. iNSOMNIA’s music video for upcoming single “JOKER”
  7. Drummer Keita formally joins Starku, sparking a fresh new look for the band
  8. Watch previews of Anfiel’s upcoming single “Paroniria”
  9. New band DEVIZE to release first single “Exodus”
  10. LM.C to perform at Anime Friends in Brazil and release new single “Rain Maker” in July
  11. Jin from THE BLACK SWAN gets an interesting makeover for “OUSIA” tour flyer
  12. Discover instrumental jrock bands part 2
  13. Compete to be a part of GYZE’s third album in a guitar contest!
  14. ex-v[NEU] Hiro opens up his own beauty salon
  15. Vexent announce new single “THE FATES”
  16. DADAROMA announce new single and second anniversary tour
  17. Plastic Tree provides theme song “Silent Noise” for the game COLLAR X MALICE