This time on the Weekly Roundup, we cover the details on our recent interview with girugamesh on their final activities and Europe tour, the Raid.’s new member, Inzargi of Megamasso’s new band and much more! You can subscribe to the JROCK NEWS YouTube channel to receive notifications for new episodes of the Weekly Roundup and all of the other content we upload.

Main stories:

  1. girugamesh shares thoughts on disbandment and final activities

Featured stories:

  1. Avanchick to release new single “Jinsei Game”
  2. Aimer announces collaborations with TK and Taka for her upcoming single “insane dream/us”
  3. Rundown on Zin’s three-month consecutive single releases
  4. DEZERT’s music video of new live-distributed single “Ohayou”
  5. ex-BORN guitarist K announces solo debut
  6. Arlequin gear up fans with previews of their new album “Utopia”
  7. Watch Tsudukimashite’s latest music video “Ame, Tokyo” from their upcoming single
  8. the Raid. introduces a new member in “Yanderu Kimi ni Okuru Uta”
  9. Inzargi (vocalist) from Megamasso forms new band “Vanity Sicks”
  10. Pentagon will release third single “Popcorn Monster” this summer
  11. TK from Ling Tosite Sigure announces new “Signal” single
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