Vocalist L and bassist Tomoya, from the recently disbanded The 3rd Birthday, formed a new band under the name Balalaika (バラライカ)! This new band was originally formed on April this year, however the identity of their members was just unveiled, at the time they revealed their first music video Inferno Dai 1 So (インフェルノ第1奏)!

They are composed of vocalist L, also known from Amber Bullet and left-handed bassist Tomoya who has changed his name to Otonashi Futaba (オトナシ フタバ). The rest of the members, guitarist Saitou Yudai (サイトウ ユウダイ) and drummer Katase Kei (カタセ ケイ) were support members of The 3rd Birthday. The name of Saitou Yudai is not totally unknown. Do you remember him? He was the guitarist of BLACK LINE, a band composed by former DIO ~Distraught Overlord~ members Mikaru and Denka.

Balalaika is a fresh band, but they are not coming with empty hands. It was already announced that their first release, titled Kono Mon wo Kuguru Mono Issai no Kibou Wo Sute Yo (この門をくぐる者、一切の希望を捨てよ), will come out in the form of a mini-album on August 24.

Unfortunately, this release is limited to 300 copies and will be sold only through Brand X, a Japanese CD shop specialized in sales of indie visual kei bands. If you are not in Japan, there’s still a chance to get your hands on this album. Brand X ships orders outside of Japan, but it’s very important for you to read their information page before placing your order.

Could the name of the band be associated with the Russian stringed musical instrument? Let us know your theories about the name of the band as well as any other thought in the comment section below.

Finally, take a look at their first artist photos as Balalaika:

balalaika new look

Balalaika’s first look!

balalaika l

Vocalist L

balalaika yuudai

Guitarist Saitou Yudai (サイトウ ユウダイ)

balalaika futaba

Bassist Otonashi Futaba (オトナシ フタバ)

balalaika kei

Drummer Katase Kei (カタセ ケイ)

Kono Mon wo Kuguru Mono Issai no Kibou Wo Sute Yo (この門をくぐる者、一切の希望を捨てよ)


Limited edition 2484 yen


  • 5 tracks to be announced

Buy at Brand X

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Saitou Yudai)
Twitter (Otonashi Futaba)
Twitter (Katase Kei)

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