Since the last instrumental jrock band article, we have found some more bands you may be interested in. This time we have featured bands who produce more upbeat and fast pace music for your playlist. We’ll be covering four bands, soha, Mudy on the Sakuban, LAGITAGIDA and Rega.


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We discovered soha via Space Shower Music’s YouTube channel and fell in love with the melodic track “after the rain” which is on their first ever release titled “the structure of moment” due to be out on July 20. This band was founded in Tokyo in 2015, and were formerly known as “44°+” and seeks to produce an emotional sound, featuring solid duet of guitars and impulsive drumming and tight baseline. This four piece is formed of members Masafumi Eno on drums, Aiichiro Tanaka on guitar, Hikaru Okumura on bass and Masayuki Jintani on guitar. We recommend you check them out.

soha "after the rain" (Official Music Video)

Official Website



Rega is a progressive “jam” band which formed back in 2006, with four members; guitarist Ryuji Ide, bassist Akinobu Aoki, drummer Takafumi Miyake and guitarist Akira Yotsumoto.

The band tends to tour around Tokyo, and plays according to their emotions and the vibes of the audience, aiming to play out the emotions of humanity. They have appeared in numerous festivals such as SYNCHRONICITY and also FUJI ROCK. These guys create upbeat melodies and you can hear the jazzy, techno and groove styles which can lift any mood.

rega - Mr.MARLOWE (Music Video)

Official Website



Looking for a loud dramatic sound? Then LAGITAGIDA is the band for you. Self proclaimed “super-powered attack instrumental rock band”, their tracks are very fast paced and you can imagine it fitting in very well for any final boss fight with the aggressive guitar riffs and high tempo beats of the drums.

These guys formed back in 2010 and have three members- guitarist Kohhan Ohtake, bassist Takehito Kono and Takayoshi Yazawa on drums.



Mudy on the Sakuban

This was a tip off from Daniela from the last instrumental band post! Founded in 2006, Mudy on the Sakuban (mudy on the 昨晩) from Nagoya is formed of five members- guitarist Furusawa Hirokazu, Mori watifo and Yamakawa Youhei, bassist Hounoki Youki and drummer Itou Kouhei. This experimental math rock band has been around for a long time, and produces some wonderfully punk tunes with good humour. Check out their PERSON! PERSON!! music video to see what we mean.

mudy on the 昨晩 / moody pavilion【Official Music Video】

Official Wesbite

What do you think of these bands? Do you know of any other ones we can feature in the next edition? Let us know in the comments below.

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