nano is currently looking for volunteers who wants to take part of an upcoming music video project “Freedom Is Yours”, that is associated with the remix album nano’s REMIXES.

If you’re interested in joining the legacy of nano, then all you need to do is submit photo(s) of yourself with a sign telling nano what freedoms is for you, before June 24! You need to be comfortable with the photo being seen publicly on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Other than the music video itself, it may also be used as promotion material so make sure you’re fine with all of this before applying. Below is the official English recruitment information:

Be a part of the music video of “Freedom Is Yours” !

Volunteer to be a part of nano’s upcoming Music Video for “Freedom Is Yours” (REMIX album to be released July 13th)!
For those interested in applying, please read and agree to the following overview.

Project Recruitment Overview
Artist: nano
Song: Freedom Is Yours

What we need: Applicants who are willing to share media (photos) publicly by means of SNS (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter).
Uses: Applicant media will be used within the above mentioned Music Video and/or promotional media.
Recruitment Deadline: June 3rd, 2016 ~ June 24th, 2016

For details and rules, please check nano’s official site!

Let us walk you through how you can actually apply!

How to apply (choose either):

  • On Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tell us what freedom is for you by filling out the blanks “Freedom Is —-” (what is freedom for me?). Write the answer (only the answer) on a board or standard letter-size paper and take a photo of yourself, then post it to the desired social network, use the hashtag #Freedom_Is.
  • Or take a photo of an “item” that signifies what “freedom” is to you. Example: A cup of coffee, a scenery like a sunset, a pet, etc. Don’t forget the hastag #Freedom_Is.
  • Here’s a few example:

    nano freedom is example remix album

    Example of how you can snap your photos.

Things to take notice of:

  • Set your settings to public if they’re currently set to private.
  • The photo should be of yours, or taken in behalf of.
  • You may apply solo or in a group, but don’t include people who aren’t applying in the photo.
  • Don’t take your photo in a crowded place, don’t included faces of people you do not have permission to photograph.
  • Copyrighted characters or brands should not be visible.
  • Your social network profile image(s) will be used along with the submitted image.
  • There are no reward or reimbursement.
  • Images will be reviewed and selected by our staff.

nano’s upcoming remix album will hit the shelves on July 13 and include remixes of previously released songs, along with the unreleased song Freedom Is Yours.

What Freedom Is for nano.

What Freedom Is for nano.

nano’s REMIXES

nano remixes artwork CD

  1. Freedom is Yours
  2. No pain No game (Remix)
  3. SAVIOR OF SONG (Remix)
  4. Rock on. (Remix)
  5. Born to be (Remix)
  6. Sable (Remix)
  7. Nevereverland (Remix)

Buy at CDJapan

More info:
Official Website


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