Lycaon is a couple of months away from it being one year since the band disbanded, and many fans are probably still not over that fact. You probably still dream of those happy days when the band was together and everything was right with the world, with Plugin into the socket playing in the background. Sadly, those days are over, and now most of you guys are wondering where the band is right now. Especially Yuuki, who I’m sure was the favorite member for a lot of fans.

Well, today we’re here to tell you just that. Yuuki has been keeping himself busy by lending his looks to the brand MERRYhoppingZOO, a brand that focuses on accessories. He now flaunts vivid lilac hair, which blends perfectly with the similarly-colored background in his shots. He exudes grace and elegance, fitting for the elegant theme the accessories  have going on.

yuuki model 3

Yuuki looking elegant behind the roses.

Yuuki models the Lamia’s Crismson collection, which are extravagant accessories that remind one of Victorian times or vampire-esque themes with their big head accessories, collars, and earrings. Check out some of the items below:

"amaranth" earrings.

“amaranth” earrings.

"Crimson" collar

“Crimson” collar

"Deep Ruby Spectrum" necklace

“Deep Ruby Spectrum” necklace

These accessories cost quite a bit, ranging from 6,800 to 15,000 yen, which would be around 70-150 dollars. If you are interested in this kind of accessories, be prepared to spend quite a bit!

Yuuki flaunting a captivating collar necklace.

Yuuki flaunting a captivating collar necklace.

This isn’t the only line of accessories the brand has, they offer, they also have ones with a punk theme going on, among others. There is one things all these different lines of accessories have in common, though: They are all very extravagant and eye-catching pieces.

Yuuki has worn this brand extensively since his Lycaon days, so he must have been happy to receive the opportunity to model for a brand he actually likes and wears. Hopefully soon we will also see him making a return to the music scene!

More info:
Official Website (MERRYhoppingZOO)

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