To celebrate the 20th anniversary of ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION #AKFG20, JROCK NEWS is looking for fans across the world to collaborate in the biggest fan-project yet.

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION was formed back in 1996 by vocalist Gotch (Masafumi Goto), guitarist Kensuke Kita, and bassist Takahiro Yamada. Their drummer, Kiyoshi Ijichi, joined them shortly after. The Japanese alternative rock band formed in Yokohama, Japan, and played many small venues until they released their first indie EP in 2000, a six-song EP of English cover songs. Despite their song’s indie nature, the band has enjoyed international commercial success and critical acclaim for their work.

To date, they have released 11 albums, 11 compilation albums, 37 music videos, and 22 singles. Their most popular music video on Youtube being Haruka Kanata with over 10 million views at 10,307,115 views at time of writing this.

For almost its entire career in the music business, they have stuck together for 20 years through thick and thin to becoming a worldwide success, and we believe we should commemorate this amazing feat. This is where we bring fans across the globe to create the biggest fan-project yet which will be sent to the band.

Deadline: September 1, 2016 00:00 GMT

Fans can submit any of the following:

  • Original art/photography (we are flexible to what you would like to submit for them to see.)
  • Song covers
  • Messages to the band in your language
  • Photo of the live shows you have attended
  • Photos of your AKFG merchandise
  • We welcome any other ideas but please email us first at jrocknews.info@gmail.com.

*All submitted images will need to be bigger than 800px by 800px, any images smaller than this will be rejected.

How to submit:

  1. Email title “AKFG20 Project – Your name”
  2. Include the following details:
    • Your name/nickname
    • Country
    • A description shorter than 200 words for the submission/message for the band.
  3. Your submission
    • If written message, please keep the total word count shorter than 600 words. (We welcome all languages, but please include an English translation if it is not in Japanese. We accept scanned/photoed hand written and digital messages.)
    • Attach your image(s)
    • If video, please upload to YouTube and send us the link.
    • If your work does not fall into those categories, please email us for more information.
  4. Send your submission/questions to jrocknews.info@gmail.com.

Deadline: September 1, 2016 00:00 GMT

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JROCK NEWS has the right to reject any materials deemed not suitable for the fan project. Submissions sent in after the deadline may not be included in the final project. The 20th Anniversary project is hosted by JROCK NEWS independently and therefore are not affiliated to the band or label.

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